Internal Tasks

Building maintenance

LeanPoint® can be used for building maintenance and planned service on objects. All objects are divided into the respective rooms in which they are located, and planned service can be seen in the calendar. Each service is automatically registered for the specific object.

Summary of all objects

The Object summary page is showing all objects with names, object type and more, and can be accessed with laptop PC, smartphone and tablet PC. The objects are given a specific ID number which is shown in the Object summary, enabling search for specific objects or groups or object types and so on.

Tailormade worksheets and checklists

As all objects can be different and require each their own type of maintenance, a special form design module allows you to create specifik worksheets and checklists, for example for specific types of objects, or even one or more specific objects. With the form design module, you can also create your own checklists, agreements, issue reports and so on. You can make certain fields mandatory to fill in before sending the form for approval. Forms are filled in and saved online, and then sent for approval and invoicing. Furthermore, the specific worksheet/checklist etc. are attached to the specific object, enabling the technicians to control and validate at any time. All forms are attached as pdf to the relevant object.

Maintenance historic

All worksheets, checklists etc. are attached as a pdf document to each their related object, so that any technician sent to service or maintain the object, can always access and see what has been done with this object previously.

There is also a log that can be used for messages and information to other technicians, or as your own Remember This-note for your next planned maintenance service of the object.

Inventory and goods used

You can create your stock and inventory with item number, locations and images. The system is suggesting items based on keyword entries, and the item number is automatically shown with the item name. An accurate system to specify goods used, and ensure timely ordering to refill the stock, as the system will notify you automatically when a minimum number of one or more items in stock is reached.

Internal tasks from inhouse users and guests

With LeanPoint® you also get task handling. Tasks given by inhouse users are registered in one place on a simple form. Via a link in your internal network, or via a QR code placed in each room, users can send tasks to for example the technicians. Automatic notifications are sent with status-updates on the task, and you can delegate each task to selected employees/technicians, who are automatically notified by email. Tasks are also shown in the online calendar.

Once the technicians have completed a task, the team leader is automatically notified, and so is the user who sent the task initially. Guests of the house can also be given the opportunity to send tasks/report about issues directly in the system. Completed or Cancelled tasks are automatically removed from the task list.

A technician can choose to view only his own tasks, and can search for tasks not yet delegated to anyone, and you as team leader can choose to view only tasks not yet delegated to anyone. All tasks are saved as history for each room, so it is always possible to see what has been done in a given location. You can also divide tasks into types, to make it easier to organize and keep track on things on a busy day.