LeanPoint has all costs in one price per user. No variable costs for usage, and not additional payments. You know how much it costs per user.

All can start LeanPoint in a free version (TRIAL) and instantly start using the system as System Administrator. The TRIAL version is running for 90 days, where you can create up to 3 users and/or 3 employees. After 90 days Trial, you are upgraded to BASIC, which you will have to confirm via email.

In Leanpoint BASIC you can still create employees, for example for time tracking, and you can create users with access to the system by login. By adding up to 3 extra users, besides System Administrator, you are automatically moved from TRIAL and into our BASIC subscription. It costs € 44,95 pr. month, which is charged in advance. On BASIC you cannot exceed 3 extra users, and you cannot administer more than 3 employees.
If the 3 employees are also created as users with login, your number of available licenses in BASIC are all used.

When you have more than 3 employees, you are upgraded to PREMIUM, where you can administer up to a total of 10 employees, as well as having 10 users, to a total price of € 149,95 per month.

When you add employee number 11 in PREMIUM, you are charged additional € 4,95 per month per employee.

When you add user number 11 in PREMIUM, you are charged additional € 6,95 per month per user.

If a user is also an employee at the same time, you will not be charged double, you will pay the user-price of €6,95 per month.

If the 10 employees also are added as users, your number of licenses for PREMIUM are all used.

Payment for more than 10 users and more than 10 employees is settled every month, and payment due is in advance for the following month, along with the basic subscription.

Yes, when you sign up for LeanPoint, you get op to 7.5 hours of startup help.

If you remove users or employees, the system will automatically correct your charge, effective from end of month.

You don’t have to worry about choosing or cancelling. The system does it for you, as long as you have paid your subscription in advance in BASIC or PREMIUM.

No. LeanPoint is based on a transparent price structure and expresses the absolute base price we can offer.

When you are moved automatically to BASIC, you will receive an email where you approve an immediate charge of € 44,95 for the next 30 days. By confirming the email, your access is instantly upgraded.

When you approve your subscription, you will receive an invoice in your email. That invoice can be paid online with a credit card, by transfer through PayPal or via a bank transfer. Payment has to be received within the date shown on the invoice, or a surcharge is added to the amount due. Your first charge is 30 days ahead. Next charge will come with a payment limit of 10 days, and will be paid for the next 30 days.

Leanpoint is based on ‘you go as you pay’. If you don’t pay, it is resembled as a termination of the system and your access will be closed to all users and employees. Your System Administrator access will not close and you will not loose data for the next 90 days (see below).

You are not liable for anything you have not paid for, but all subscriptions are charged in advance.

If you don’t pay, the system will keep all your data for 90 days. If you request to access within this timeframe, an invoice is issued for the time you did not use the system plus the following 30 days, and you pay as if the system has been running continuously. If your request to access comes after the 90 days, you will be considered as a new client, and you will have to sign up again, and all historic data from before will be deleted.

System Administrator, or users with the given rights to do so, can create new users and employees in the system. System Administrator can see the exact number of users and employees in ACCOUNTS, and see the amount of the coming subscription charge. It is here users and employees can be removed if they are no longer active.

The system will consider a new user as added for current month. At the end of each month a statement is produced, showing active users and employees in the system, and you will receive an email with our charge for the coming month.

It happens automatically when you add more users.

It also happen automatically when you remove users and employees in ACCOUNTS. System Administrator has access to ACCOUNTS, but administrators can also be given access by System Administrator, which is done under Settings on the page called ROLES.

Termination will happen automatically if you haven’t paid on the due date stated in the first payment reminder issued with surcharge. Only one payment reminder is sent.

There is no surcharges.

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