Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy is valid for the website and subpages as well as belonging language specific pages and and subpages. Hereafter, as one, mentioned as the website. The policy comprehends ordinary access and use of the website as well as use of services on it.


The website is owned and published by:
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If you have any questions regarding the policy, you can contact us by above contact information.


When you use the website and provide your consent for use of cookies, information will be collected about you as a user. If you do not want this information collected, you must stop further use of the website. If you provide your consent and regret it later, you can at any given time recall your consent for cookies in our cookie declaration and delete already sent cookies. Personal information in the sign-up forms and contact form, that are services on the website, is collected to the extent that you yourself enter, provide your consent and send it. Information from these forms is not used for other purposes than the provided. The following section elaborates on what information is gathered and the purpose of it.

1. Collection and handling of information

1.1 Basis for collection
Unless another legal basis enters as a legal basis, the collection and the handling of the information is based on your consent.

1.2 Cookies
The website use cookies to improve and optimize the content, run statistics about the user of the site and for marketing purposes. You provide your consent for cookies if you continue to use the website. The use of cookies is further elaborated in our cookie declaration.

Cookies collects certain information about your visit on the website. This happens by ordinary access of content on the website. The following types of information are usually collected: technical information about your computer, tablet or cellphone, your IP-address, to a certain extent geographical location, what pages you are clicking on, what website you are potentially directed from and if you have visited the site previously. There is not collected any demographical information or information about your interests.

1.3 Sign-up forms
When you fill out a sign-up form for the LeanPoint tool, provide your consent and send the information, your name and e-mail address will be collected and handled with the purpose of providing you access to the LeanPoint tool in a trial period of 30 days. When the sign-up is competed, and to protect you against abuse, the following procedure begins:

  1. You receive an e-mail on the provided e-mail address where you confirm your e-mail address and final sign-up
  2. When you have confirmed your sign-up, you will receive an e-mail with login information for the LeanPoint tool
  3. The first time you log in to the LeanPoint tool, and before you can use it, you must accept “Terms and Conditions” and “Data Processing Agreement”
  4. After your finalized sign-up, and given that you provide your consent for it in the point 1 mentioned e-mail, a follow-up e-mail will be sent to you, which purpose is to follow up on your sign-up and clarify potential support questions

If you do not confirm your registration according to point 1 or do not accept accept “Terms and conditions for LeanPoint” and the Data Processor Agreement according to point 3, the procedure will be interrupted and your information will be deleted as soon as technically possible and no later than 96 hours.

If you are unaware of the registration, you can, via the “Report Abuse” function in the e-mail mentioned in point 1, reject the registration, after which your e-mail address will be deleted immediately

1.4 Contact form
The website contains a contact form, which purpose is to make an inquiry for LeanPoint. Personal information is therefore collected to the extent that you enter the information, provide your consent and send. The information is only used for answering inquiries and is not forwarded to any shape or form of third parties, unless you provide your consent for it or if it serves a legal bases that LeanPoint is imposed.

2. Security

2.1 General
There has been made technical and organizational measures against your information by accident or illegally being published or coming to unauthorized knowledge, abuse or any other treatment against legislation.

2.2 Website
The traffic to and from is secured with SSL encryption.

2.3 Contact form
The information from the contact formula on the website is transferred in an encrypted e-mail for LeanPoint and is not stored on the website or the webserver. LeanPoint’s employees have to the necessary extent access to the information.

2.4 Sign-up forms
The information you send from the sign-up forms is transferred in encrypted form to a server at LeanPoint. All emails sent from LeanPoint in the enrollment process do not contain any personal information other than your email address and name. LeanPoint employees have access to the information in connection with follow-up and support.

3. Period of storage

3.1 General
The information that can be attributed to you as a person is maximum stored in the period of time where it serves a purpose or legal basis that LeanPoint are imposed.

3.2 Contact form
Mails with personal information sent from a contact formula is deleted immediately upon request or 24 months after the latest.

3.3 Sign-up forms
The personal information collected in the sign-up forms is stored and handled as long as the agreement on a subscription on the LeanPoint tool is running, or if you as a customer delete them yourself in the tool. You can at any given time request having your personal information deleted, which will be done by LeanPoint without any unnecessary delay, unless the information serves a legal basis for LeanPoint. When your information is deleted your access to the LeanPoint tool will expire.

3.4 Regret upon sign-up
If you regret your final sign-up for the LeanPoint tool, you can, within 30 days from the sign-up, utilize the contact form on the website and request having your sign-up and personal data deleted.

4. Data processors

We only use sub processors in EU or in countries outside EU based on the standard model contract for transfer of personal data to countries outside the EU or EEA.

5. Transfer of information

5.1 Cookies
Data on your use of the website from cookies is transferred to third party to a certain extent. You can see which third parties in our cookie declaration.

5.2 Contact- and sign-up forms
Transfer of personal information from the contact form and sign-up forms will, unless it is to fulfill a legal obligation, only happen if it serves a purpose and you provide your written consent hereof.

6. Consent

By using the website, you accept this privacy policy.

7. Objections and complaints

You have the right to know what personally identifiable information is handled about you via the website and having the information delivered upon request. You can also, at any given time, make an objection against having this personal information treated. You can also recall your consent for having personally identifiable information about you. Request upon must be sent to: Should you wish to complain about the treatment of your personal information you will also have the possibility of contacting your national control authority

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