Recurring Services

Windmill service

LeanPoint® can be used for windmill service, to register each windmill and the planned service for each one. Planned service shows ahead in the Company calendar, and every service is automatically saved as historic data on the windmill, so that it is always possible to see previous work performed on that specific windmill.

Windmill summary with all windmills

The windmill summary shows all windmills divided into types with names and ID numbers, GSRN numbers etc. As the system is webbased, you have easy access, for example from laptop PC, or smartphone and tablet PC.
The windmills can be created on exact coordinaets, to show the exact location of each windmill. This is particularly convenient when you have a contract for several windmills in the same windmill park, with multible windmills.

Windmills shown on map

As an extra feature, all your windmills are shown on a map, and with a single click you have access to all the data and historic records to any windmill.

Tailormade service reports and checklists

As all windmills have a specific internal construction of parts etc., Leanpoint® gives you the opportunity for custom made service reports for each windmill, with predefined items such as the correct type of oil etc. You can also decide which fields are mandatory to fill in before the form can be sent for approval. Specific service reports are related to the windmill/windmills they are relevant for.

By using our formula design module, special checklists can be created that fit the individual windmill types/windmills.

Worksheet for ad hoc jobs is also there.

When a service report or checklist is completed, the employee sends it for approval to you or your service manager. When its approved, it is automatically attached to the windmill as a pdf file for future reference.

Service history

All service reports are attached as a pdf document to the windmill, so that any technician sent to work on the windmill is always able to see work previously performed.

There is also a log which is used for messages and info to other technicians, or as your own Remember this-note for the next visit to this windmill. There is also a material list, that shows which items are needed for each windmill.

Planned B and C-services and Ad Hoc jobs

For each windmill, the yearly services are set to repeat, and they are then shown automatically in the Company Calendar onwards. Ad Hoc jobs are created same place, and are also showing in the Company calendar.

Stock Inventory and used goods

You can create your own stock with item numbers, locations and images etc. It makes it easier for the technicians to find the items they need, and they dont have to remember the item number to add an item to the list of used goods. The system will suggest the item names based on keyword entries, and the item number is shown automatically with the selected item name.