Project Management

Project management – the big overview. Whether your company calls it project management, order administration, job management, process or something completely different, it’s purpose remains the same: You have a job to do. You want to know what is going on and how much it costs you.


  • Overview
  • Quick and easy access to data
  • Status
  • Open/closed projects
  • Reminder Tools
  • Consumed hours
  • Timely billing

Dynamic project management

With LeanPoint® Project Management you get a dynamic project management tool which you have access to no matter if you sit in the middle of everything or if you are the type, that takes your work on the go or on holiday. The overview makes a different.

Project Management allows you to keep track of how far the various projects have reached. You thereby save a lot of time for project administration, which instead can be used for project management. All Projects and To Do’s can be seen in the Calendar, which makes your overview superb.

Project Map with coordinates or addresses

LeanPoint® also supports the entering of the address of the work location addresses or coordinates, depending on the actual location. It could be a work site, where the address is different than the paying customers own address, or a located service unit such as a windmill, a meter cabinet, a well, a switchyard, that doesn’t have a specific address, but can be found based on coordinates.

All the active work sites are shown on the Project Map, and gives you a unique overview with the option to click directly to open the Project Report from the map.

Also, please read about our Live GPS Map, if you are looking for a solution for GPS Management or GPS Tracking.

Recurring jobs

With the To Do list you can easily save a specific job as a recurring job. You have the option to choose who is responsible for completing the job, and when the job should be done. These details are automatically showing in that person’s calendar in the system. It’s not getting any easier than that!

Project templates

If you often have similar projects, it is possible to create project templates, so you don’t have to spend time on creating all the details every time. This can be beneficial at for example series production, recurring tasks or recurring customers.

Documentation in place

Documentation is easily attached to the individual To Do, or generally on the project.

You also have the opportunity to define the system to automatically record the time spent on each To Do. This is an additional time saving that can be used in cases where you know that the budgeted time is equal to what will be billed.

Overview over time

You always have the overview over time on each To Do, and the Project in whole, and compare it to the hours in your budget. With LeanPoint® Project Management you can make accurate reports and updated documentation supplied by status meetings with clients, colleagues or others.

A graphic chart can show the budgeted time compared to the actual elapsed time.

You can even choose what to display to other Users, both in terms of project data and Document Types.

The Projects, or just the individual To Do’s appear in your Calendar so you can always have an overview of your company resources.

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