Time tracking

Timing is an important factor in any company that needs to handle and monitor time spent on projects and tasks. It is through the time tracking that you can keep track of the clock in/clock out of your employees as well as time spent on equipment. This ensures that no hours are wasted.

Time tracking

  • Realtime overview of time consumption
  • Documentation for time used
  • Data capture while it happens
  • Easy to use for your employees
  • Easy transfer of approved hours to your payroll system

Time tracking for most industries

LeanPoint covers many different needs for time tracking. The solution has been developed based on flexibility, which means that it is applicable in most industries where a reliable and precise time tracking is required. At the same time, the user-friendly interface gives you all the information here and now, so you can get an overview of the activities.

Flexible clock in/clock out

Flexibility is emphasized by the many options for clocking in and out. Clock in and -out can be done via the smart APP for iPhone and Android, which brings even more functionality to users on the go. In addition, SMS, QR codes and PC can also be used, depending on your need, and the individual employee.

Mobile and stationary employees

Whether you handle time tracking for mobile employees or staff on more stationary jobs, LeanPoint is ideal for it. Employees with permanent, changing workplaces, eg. within industries such as cleaning, security etc., you can use the LeanPoint App, which shows the jobs available at their current location, based on GPS coordinates. As an administrator, you can decide how big the radius for each workplace should be.

The app also supports showing jobs at any location, independent of GPS coordinates, if needed.

Stationary employees also use the app, or clock in and out directly through their PC.

Fast clock in and clock out

If an employee needs to leave the job or workplace during working hours, for example due to being ill, the  employee can quickly clock out. The same goes if an employee is called to another workplace, which is very relevant for companies that have many ad hoc tasks such as electrical installers, plumbing companies and the like.

Reports for documentation

The solution shows in real time who is clocked in and what jobs each employee is working on. The searchable history shows all previous jobs and time. The report module allows you to create custom reports that can be used for documentation, internally or in relation to the customer.

Wasted time is minimized

The essence of LeanPoint time tracking is to ensure that there is control over all time and any wasted time. By using LeanPoint, you can easily ensure that the customer is billed for the correct number of hours. In connection with project management, the solution provides an overview of the hourly spend for employees on the individual to do’s in the project.

Integration to payroll systems

All hours approved by the responsible supervisor can easily be transferred to the company’s payroll system, whereby salary calculations can be done without unnecessary waiting time. Before the responsible supervisor approves the hours, changes in data can be made to accurately match the facts and the employee gets the correct paid salary. Currently the salary systems Danløn, Proløn and Bluegarden are supported.

LeanPoint time tracking is the ideal tool for a multitude of industries where there is a need for having 100% control over time consumption. The solution ensures that all hours can be documented and wasted time reduced. That way, you have the best starting point for optimum earnings on the tasks.

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