Planned jobs

Time tracking for cleaning and the service sector

LeanPoint® delivers solutions for the service sector for time tracking and job management. Planned jobs are shown in the online calendar, and hours approved in the salary report are exported to your salary system. LeanPoint® gives you instant access to all data anywhere via your smartphone or tablet PC.

Planning cleaning and service

Planning cleaning and service such as window polishing and other service visits is easily done, as all existing jobs are shown in the online calendar. New jobs are easily created directly from the calendar. All jobs are saved in both calendar and salary report. If for example there is an agreement for service visits Tuesday and Thursday with 2 hours for each time, this will show in both calendar and salary report.

Time tracking with QR codes

After entering an employee into the system, he/she can use the smartphone to register the work of the day by scanning a QR code which automatically registers Start and Stop times for the specific job. QR codes are printed directly from the systems project summary. The QR codes are placed on each worksite, and the employee will scan the code when starting and ending the job. The system automatically detects who sent the message, when it was sent and which job. The employee can add a message to the job if needed. All data are available online in realtime. The employee can also return data by text messaging.

All actual hours form the basis of the salary report, where you can view the estimated hours side by side with the actual hours. From here you will export the final hours for salary to your salary system.

LeanPoint® Mobile GPS

LeanPoint® Mobile GPS is for employees with a smartphone. With that, they can check in and check out via GPC location, and thereby document their attendance. This means that the employee is only able to check in when he/she is within a given radius of a given workplace. Radius is decided by you. The same workplace can have different methods for check in at the same time, for example that some employees use QR code or text messaging, while others use LeanPoint® Mobile GPS.

Job management and time tracking in calendar

You can see which service jobs that are planned for each day in the calendar, as they are automatically shown based on the pattern of repetitions agreed with your customer. This gives you an excellent overview of whom, what and when the service delivery shall take place.

Salary Hours exported to salary system

When payroll is due, the hours for the period are viewed in a salary report for the specifik employee, and are then approved for export to your salary system. With this, the salary report is the basis for  a csv-file with the required details such as hourstypes, rates etc. which is then imported by your salary system in an instant.

Calculation of non-paid sickness, sickness welfare and sickpay is automatically calculated in LeanPoint®, and is based on the shift details for the specific employee. Salary for Day- and/or Nightshift is also calculated by the system, and all is showing in a detailed summary in the salary report, along with any pay for Sundays/public holidays, shown per workplace and as a total. If it is necessary to correct hours, it is possible to do so directly in the report, before saving and approving for export to your salary system.