Follow equipment on Live GPS Map

Mobile clock in/out of staff with location GPS data

Task/Project Mapping & Management

Online Ressource Planning

Integrated Job-Board

Time tracking by QR codes

Billing data on the fly

API to ERP’systems & Book-Keeping

Web based service system for process optimization and business management.

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 LeanPoint Is an online resource planning system, specializing in planning and managing large mobile workforces.

LeanPoint Handles different daily requirements for management and functions as constant cost control.

LeanPoint Gives you continuous optimization of all logistics and an effective control and validation system.


Tasks ad hoc for installation such as electricians, plumbers, smiths, chimney sweepers, assembly and service companies, etc.


Scheduled repetitive service such as Wind turbine service etc.


Repeated jobs and visits, such as Cleaning, window cleaning, security / security Guard.


Building maintenance on eg. Hospitals, museums, technical schools, swimming pools, aquariums, etc.


Container collection from recycling sites, time registration machine time on landfills etc.

Ad Hoc Service

Task scheduler

Task scheduler

Recurring tasks

Work Notes

Salary report

GPS control

Service Reports

Ongoing Service Reports

Approved Service Reports

Day to Day Billing

LeanPoint is the perfect solution for ad hoc case and task management, with service reporting and working notes, final check and other documentation for product and time usage for billing. Includes GPS control and much more.

Planned Service

Service reports

Unit Based Service Planning

Unit ID, Global Service Relation Number (GSRN)

Map Identification & Backgroud Data Pop-UP

Unit Based Service Report

Unit Based Custom Consumption List

Checklists & Time / Product Consumption

Automatic Message on Service Cycle

Planned jobs

Time registration

Timing for Cleaning and Visiting Services

Scheduled jobs in online calendar

Salary report integrated into payroll systems

Job management

Gen-plan on the fly

Create jobs directly from calendar

Scheduled norms for salary and billing

Payroll hours

Loan day / evening / night / SH

Sickness reports and salary regulation

Holidays integrated into the planning

Internal Task Handling


Service Handling

Multiple Device Access to Progress Reports

Detailed Job Description & Checklists

Object-related history


Visual Identification of Consumer Goods

Logistic/Renovation etc.

Container Handling

QR-scan container pickups

Centralized Monitoring

Auto-Generated Mails to Transporters

Auto Calculation Truck Capacity

Logistics Action

Live status

Multi Level Relational Data

Order Number Integrated with Billing Data

Auto Direction to Nearest Disposal Site

Fractions and Deposits

System Management of Fractional Deliveries

QR based Fractional Identification

GPS tracking & Timecontol of Equipment for Disposal

What our customers say about us

Kim Skourup

Implementing LeanPoint® to our employees for tracking our usage of time has proven to be a big administrative relief. We are happy about the solution that has been adapted to our needs. We are happy to recommend the system to others.

Kim SkourupOwner, Delta Rengøring
Ieva Latkovska

After we started using LeanPoint® we now have gained a detailed insight into the time used per activity for our external workforce. We have been given a good support while implementing LeanPoint® in our project, and they have pro-actively come forward with suggestions for optimizing time-tracking processes.

Ieva LatkovskaSenior Business ControllerDansk Kabel TV
Mette Pajor

LeanPoint® has gathered our tasks in one system, and even with multible users, it gives a good overview and makes every day easier.

Mette PajorAssistentRefa


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Payment Your invoice can be paid online with creditcard, by transfer via Paypal or a bank transfer. Payment is always 30 calendar days ahead.
Resigning “You go as you pay”. If you don’t pay, it is considered as a resignation, and you access is closed.

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