Online planning calendar

Your online planning calendar equals 100% overview, anywhere and anytime. No more telling your customers that you will have to call back later, when you are back at the office.

Welcome to fast expedition and superior customer service. This is the planning tool you have been looking for!


  • Overview
  • Meetings
  • Upcoming projects and tasks
  • Absence, as holiday, time off, etc.
  • Posting of workers/machines
  • Other events

Company Calendar for everybody

The online planning calendar is fully integrated with all other functions in LeanPoint®, and there is a calendar for every employee in your company. From now on, you only need to look at one place to see what is going on in the company today, tomorrow, next month. Everything is gathered here.

Complete overview

LeanPoint® calendar system provides a complete overview of all of your company activities. There is a general corporate calendar with list of who is off from work, on vacation, sick, on holidays, what date/time a meeting is scheduled to and who attends.

Additionally, with a single click you can select to view projects, tasks, and the remaining activities in your company. Task handling and planning has never been easier.

Documentation in the right place

Create your own document standards, such as service reports, worksheets and more, or attach external documents directly to the relevant case in the calendar. The information is now available at any time for your employees and colleagues.

Calendar- or List view mode

You can alternate between different view modes, for example either traditional Calendar- or List view mode display with month, week or day view. The latter shows only those days with data entered. This means you can quickly see how far into the future there are planned projects in the company.

The planning calendar gives you an easy overview of upcoming appointments. You can easily add new appointments or edit old ones. Easy and quick to navigate.

It’s easy to find the exact information you need using search functions. You can for example choose only to view the scheduled tasks. Or you can choose only to view your own calendar, so that only those things that involve you being shown.

You can access your calendar from any computer with internet access.

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