Mobile time tracking

Mobile Registration – One of LeanPoints advantages. Finish your work on location while you or your employees are present, and save time. Time consumption, product usage, quality assurance and other documentation can be done while working.


  • Mobile time registration
  • Real-time driving registration
  • Ongoing product consumption
  • Additional data from the workplace
  • Dynamic requisition


LeanPoint® is a great tool that you have access to anywhere and anytime – whether you are at the office or if you are on the move or on vacation. The overview makes a difference.

Mobile registration allows your employees to time record, fill in service reports and more while being at the workplace. Thus, registration of e.g. Product consumption is ongoing and the entire process  can be concluded quickly when visiting the client.


LeanPoint Mobile – our app for easy time registration, showing jobs based on the employee’s current location. In the app, regular jobs can be displayed, regardless of where the employee is located, and the app also shows location-specific jobs from LeanPoint Projects.

Leanpoint QR codes – Set a QR code out of the workplace so that the employee can scan the code when they start and stop working.

LeanPoint SMS employees with push-button mobile phones can send a text message and thus register at work. Easy and simple. The employees receive a confirmation of the job text, so they know that the message has been received and registered.


Your Employees can easily fill in worksheets and checklists, etc. directly into the system. You can design your forms yourself and once a work slip has been approved, it will automatically be attached to the case as a PDF – and the items used will also be deducted from the inventory of the selected inventory.


Your employees have every opportunity to put all the data related to the current task directly into the case without having to sit at the office in order to do it. LeanPoint is built to capture data from remote workplaces, whether it’s time consuming, product usage, photo documenting its work for quality assurance and possibly for later use.


With built-in authentication procedures, you will receive an automatic message, allowing you to approve purchases, etc. made in the company.


Documentation regarding all cases can be easily accessed from the workplace, so you can quickly find what you need. Stop using remote connections or driving to the office to find a document. If it’s attached to LeanPoint, you can find it right away.

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