About us

LeanPoint is an ERP-system internally developed by Scan Con Group A/S and a platform specialized in real time planning of a large and mobile workforce, met by many various demands to performance, and at the same time must function as a constant cost-control, continuous optimizing logistics, and a efficient control- and validation tool.

LeanPoint is therefore capable of something that other ERP systems have not been able to specialize within. Specifically, the predictable result when a system is being developed over 60.000 programming hours by a company that as a super user is using LeanPoint in its daily handling of over 500 employees in ever changing work locations within the energy- and shipbuilding industry, and with a need for efficient control and follow-up around the clock, around the world.

This is what we are particularly proud of, that LeanPoint can offer, and that no one else can:

  • All equipment and machinery can be followed on Live GPS Map;
  • Mobile time tracking of employees with GPS validating;
  • Time tracking based on QR codes;
  • Micro job- and project management;
  • Distributed online resource planning in real time;
  • Billing data collecting with full specifications;
  • API to your accounting system and other ERP systems

LeanPoint is a modern platform where you can get started with no cost, but where you can transfer to PREMIUM or ENTERPRISE when the trial period ends. See our prices for details.

You are most welcome to contact us via email office@leanpoint.com or call us at +45 32820050.