Electronic Document Handling

LeanPoint® Electronic Document Handling ensures that all document types such as quotations, order confirmations, plans, appointments etc. easily and clearly are attached to the relevant case or person.

Document handling

  • Overview
  • All documents on the same spot in respective folders
  • Easy accessibility
  • Select what should be shared with other users
  • Make relevant folders yourself

Fill in formulas directly on the relevant job

You can always fill in formulas such as service reports or worksheets, directly in the system, and which are automatically attached as a pdf file on the relevant case, once the formula is completed and approved.

Create your own formulas

With the unique feature Formula Design in LeanPoint® you are now able to create your own formulas, such as service reports with time and goods sold, quality management, evaluations and so on. No more having to put up with already created standard forms. The forms are easily filled in, for example by clicking a relevant case in the Calendar, and can then be sent on for invoicing as soon as it has been completed. It is not getting easier than that.

Day to day invoicing

LeanPoint® Document Handling includes build-in procedures for approving filled in work sheets, helping to optimize your work procedures, included day-to-day invoicing.

For example, if you have a work sheet or service report with a list of used goods, this report is automatically sent for invoicing in the same moment that it is approved. At the same time, it is also automatically attached as a pdf file to the relevant task/customer, to save it in the correct place from the beginning. And you don’t have to do anything – just approve the report, and the rest happens automatically!

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Attachments in the right place

Attaching documents in the right place, directly on the relevant case or person, ensures to always have the right overview and can be a helpful factor when you have to make decisions about the further proceeding. No more searching for documents in various local archives scattered across different computers.

Documents can be attached on the following groups: Projects, To do’s, Customers and Tasks, Personnel, Cars and Suppliers.

User defined access to documents

LeanPoint® provides user defined access to all document types, to help ensure that confidential documents are kept safe, and to help users find the document they need – fast and easy.

Search functions make it easy to find the current document in a particular case or person.

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