Users and access

Users and access in LeanPoint® is shaped to meet the needs in your company. All Data Views, document types, project templates, tools etc. is adapted specifically to your business. Even which page to open for each User when logging in can easily be pre-set. And you as System Administrator can do it all yourself.

Users and access

  • Optimized workflow for individual users
  • Set the display of relevant data and functions
  • Allows for multiple users with the same common rights by using Role Setup
  • Possibility of breakdown of activities of several companies
  • Protect any confidential data

A powerful tool for your business

So, whether you have a small, medium or large company, LeanPoint® is a powerful tool for your business. The system can easily be optimized to handle multiple subsidiaries operations, each with their staff, customers and types of tasks/projects. And for individual Users with access to the system displays only the data related to them.

Responsibilities are delegated

The responsibilities are delegated ultimately to the appropriate departments and key personnel and you achieve increased efficiency and optimize your processes for data recording.

New Users are given easy access to the parts of the system that are relevant to them using LeanPoint® “Role-setup” set User rights in advance, for example to “Project” and when you create new Users, you assign each User the relevant Role. It is quite straightforward.

There can be continuously adjusted in the setup role as needed, and you can have as many roles as necessary.

The purpose and benefits of User rights is that the user is presented with the buttons and functions necessary to perform his duties. This eliminates any confusion over a lot of buttons and data and the User no longer has to click through a long series of irrelevant pages or data in his search for a particular thing.

Relevant data for relevant persons

Furthermore, the administration of User rights also has the purpose that you may have confidential data attached to the appropriate case, and being sure that only appropriate individuals have access to view it.

The online calendar can, like many other pages in the system, also be set to show only selected calendar entries for the User, to hide any irrelevant items and stay organized.

Role setup is included with a number of other management tools in the Settings menu in the system.

Roles form LeanPoint® specifically for your business

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