Follow equipment on Live GPS Map

Mobile clock in/out of staff with location GPS data

Task/Project Mapping & Management

Online Ressource Planning

Integrated Job-Board

Time tracking by QR codes

Billing data on the fly

API to ERP’systems & Book-Keeping

Web based service system for process optimization and business management.

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Mobile Registration

LeanPoint® is a great tool that you have access to anywhere and anytime – whether you are at the office or if you are on the move or on vacation. The overview makes a difference.

  • Mobile time registration
  • Real-time driving registration
  • Ongoing product consumption
  • Additional data from the workplace
  • Dynamic requisition

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Online administration tool

LeanPoint® is a web-based service system and online administration tool. It is designed in such a way that it meets several industries needs for time tracking, project management, resource overview and much more, without costing a fortune.

Easier everyday

Are you dreaming of a desk that is cleared and in order? To start the day with a good overview of all your company’s activities?

Do you want to control your business, so that all loose ends are followed up and closed?

Are you frustrated about the thought of not knowing the exact status on each job, when you have time to take in more orders – and when you don’t have time?

Yes? In that case we would like to invite you to read more about LeanPoint® and what it can do for you.

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Project Management

  • Overview
  • Quick and easy access to data
  • Status
  • Open/closed projects
  • Reminder Tools
  • Consumed hours
  • Timely billing

GPS Tracking

  • GPS Fleet Management and GPS Tracking
  • Real-time overview on Live GPS Map
  • Documentation of time
  • Automatic registration gives you historic overview of each vehicle’s locations
  • Easy planning and posting to projects
  • Service dates, leases and other historic data

Users and access

  • Optimized workflow for individual users
  • Set the display of relevant data and functions
  • Allows for multiple users with the same common rights by using Role Setup
  • Possibility of breakdown of activities of several companies
  • Protect any confidential data

CRM and HR

  • Supplier Data and Contacts
  • Purchase List
  • Document attachment
  • Profile Display
  • Quick and easy updating of data
  • Status of each file
  • Opportunity for personal setting for displaying data
  • Optional data protection


  • Overview
  • Meetings
  • Upcoming projects and tasks
  • Absence, as holiday, time off, etc.
  • Posting of workers/machines
  • Other events

Document handling

  • Overview
  • All documents on the same spot in respective folders
  • Easy accessibility
  • Select what should be shared with other users
  • Make relevant folders yourself

Time tracking

  • Realtime overview of time consumption
  • Documentation for time used
  • Data capture while it happens
  • Easy to use for your employees
  • Easy transfer of approved hours to your payroll system


Retrieve or deliver data in your accounting system through an API that allows LeanPoint and your accounting system to interact and exchange data so that you do not have to enter data twice.

  • e-conomic
  • Microsoft Dynamic
  • C5
  • Billy


 LeanPoint Is an online resource planning system, specializing in planning and managing large mobile workforces.

LeanPoint Handles different daily requirements for management and functions as constant cost control.

LeanPoint Gives you continuous optimization of all logistics and an effective control and validation system.


Tasks ad hoc for installation such as electricians, plumbers, smiths, chimney sweepers, assembly and service companies, etc.


Scheduled repetitive service such as Wind turbine service etc.


Repeated jobs and visits, such as Cleaning, window cleaning, security / security Guard.


Building maintenance on eg. Hospitals, museums, technical schools, swimming pools, aquariums, etc.


Container collection from recycling sites, time registration machine time on landfills etc.

What our customers say about us

Implementing LeanPoint® to our employees for tracking our usage of time has proven to be a big administrative relief. We are happy about the solution that has been adapted to our needs. We are happy to recommend the system to others.

Kim SkourupOwner, Delta Rengøring

After we started using LeanPoint® we now have gained a detailed insight into the time used per activity for our external workforce. We have been given a good support while implementing LeanPoint® in our project, and they have pro-actively come forward with suggestions for optimizing time-tracking processes.

Ieva LatkovskaSenior Business ControllerDansk Kabel TV

LeanPoint® has gathered our tasks in one system, and even with multible users, it gives a good overview and makes every day easier.

Mette PajorAssistentRefa


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  • 10 Users

    Additional User License: 6,95 / user

  • 10 Employees

    Additional Employee License: 4,95 / employee

You will be offered to change TRIAL to BASIC subscription after 90 days.

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Payment Your invoice can be paid online with creditcard, by transfer via Paypal or a bank transfer. Payment is always 30 calendar days ahead.
Resigning “You go as you pay”. If you don’t pay, it is considered as a resignation, and you access is closed.

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