Container pickup

LeanPoint® is organizing the logistics related to picking up containers from recycling sites. When a container is full and ready to be picked up, the recycling site employee scans a QR code and the container is automatically added to a list of other containers that are also ready.

When containers are marked in the system, the system automatically generates one or multible orders which are sent by email to each transporter, who are set to pick up the containers. The system automatically calculates if a solo or double pickup is ordered.

Pickup List

All containers that are set to be picked up are automatically added to the Pickup List. From here, each recycling site have access to the list, and can see only those containers related to their specific site. Administrators can see all containers from all site, and narrow it down through search functions.

When an order is sent, an order number is created for each order for each transporter, so that the invoice from the tranporter company can be checked later. A copy of each order is automatically sent to the recycling site.

Recycling sites and Landfills

You have all your recycling sites, from where the containers are picked up, in the system, and also all the various landfills to where the containers are taken, depending on the content of them. The system automatically calculates to which landfill a container is to be taken, and with which transporter, depending on predefined conditions entered into the system.

Fractions and containers

The system knows all fractions, meaning the content of the container, and where each fraction should be taken to, and from the given conditions, the system handles the calculation by itself.

Filled containers are easily registered with QR codes

A QR code is mounted at each fraction on the recycling site. The QR code contains all details about which recycling site it is mounted, as well as what content/fraction is in the container. When a QR code is scanned, the recycling site employee can enter the container number, and then add the container to the Pickup List in the system. If the system sees that there is more than 1 container that is to be picked up by the same transporter and taken to the same landfill, the system changes those 2 records from Solo to Double, so that when the order is sent, the transporter will know to pick up 2 containers in 1 time.

Send order to the transporter

Each transporter and his driver receives an email with the order details attached.

Landfills and time used on fractions

At the landfills that receive the container content, there is also a need for control. Here it is to document the time used on each fraction and for this there are different types of heavy machinery used, each one with a GPS unit installed.

In LeanPoint® each fraction-area is defined, so that when a machine enters a given area, time tracking will begin. Once the machine leaves the area, the time stops, and starts when it enters a new area. Hereby you get documented data about how long time is used for handling each fraction.