Ad Hoc Services


LeanPoint® is perfectly fit for installers such as electricians, plumbers and more. LeanPoint® delivers solutions for time and task management, service reporting and worksheets, inspections and checklists as well as other documentation, including documentation for time and goods used for invoicing.

Task handling

You create new tasks directly in the online calendar, or from your customers list, and delegate it to the relevant employee/employees. This also for recurring tasks.

With color codes, it is easy to see the current status on each task – who is doing what and when. At the same time, all relevant documentation is saved to the task: Worksheets, any photos serving as documentation, agreements made with the customer and so on. When delegating the task to the employee, all documentation is automatically available, and can be shared with other employees who also have been assigned to that task.


Your employees fill in their worksheet on the worksite, and hereby minimize the risk of forgetting something. At the same time, you get all data served here and now, in an electronic and uniform way. Worksheets are kept open in the system when a task is not done, which strengthens the option to follow a task from start to end.

When a task is done, the employee will send documentation for approval and invoicing, and is thereby following the same uniform workflow procedure.

All worksheets sent for approval are shown on a comprehensive list in the system. The same goes for ongoing worksheets.

Salary report

The number of hours used on a task are saved into a salary report, where they can be corrected if needed before export to salary system

GPS management

LeanPoint® has a build-in GPS management with a real time map that shows where your vehicles are here and now.

Electronic and uniform service reports

A form design module in LeanPoint® allows tailormade service reports and worksheets, so they fit to the assignment, no matter if it is ad hoc jobs or other. You can make certain fields mandatory to fill in before sending the form for approval. Forms are filled in and saved online, and then sent for approval and invoicing.

With the form design module, you can also create your own checklists, agreements, issue reports and so on.

Summary of ongoing service reports

Unfinished service is shown on its own page in the system, which gives an insight over ongoing service reports, and makes it easy for the employee to find and check before sending it for final approval and invoicing.

Approved service reports

Approved service reports are automatically sent for invoicing in accounting department, where the goods used is imported to an invoice template to avoid manually entering the items, and to ensure correct invoicing.

Day by day invoicing

With a uniform workflow for task handling and service reporting etc., a task will go to immidiate invoicing when it is completed, based on input directly from the worksheets.

Random recurring tasks

Random recurring tasks are marked as ongoing and the employee can return to complete the task. The task is hereby re-created in the calendar, and the employee has access to historic task data, including the ongoing worksheet/service reports from previous visits.

Overview of ongoing tasks and service

Tasks are shown in their own page in the system, allowing the employee to see where there are open tasks. A service report relating to a certain task is saved and available directly from the task, until it is completed and sent for approval.

Completed tasks

Completed tasks are automatically removed from the task list and will show as Done in the online calendar. The service report relating to the task, with time and goods used, as well as remarks or other documentation is sent for approval and invoicing by the employee.